Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fakts: A Typical Weekend

On Saturday, I:
  • Woke up after a strange dream involving a talking dog which at one stage I was having a conversation with; later on I was the dog. I don't know what breed I was: probably a mongrel.
  • Showered and dressed.
  • Had a can of coke and a line of speed for breakfast, but not in that order.
  • Ran out the front door.
  • Caught the Brunswick Street tram into the city.
  • Watched Miranda July's sublime debut feature film You and Me and Everyone We Know at the Kino cinema.
  • Walked down Little Collins Street into Moviola, where I purchased Michael Herr's Kubrick, a memoir about writing the screenplay for Full Metal Jacket.
  • Went back to the Kino and watched the Australian film Little Fish (starring Cate Blanchett), which I thought was strong but still under-developed.
  • Walked home through the Fitzroy Gardens wishing it was autumn so there would be piles of leaves to kick through.
  • Dropped in on a print-making exhibition at the Australian Print Workshop in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.
  • Had a late lunch or an early dinner at Arcadia cafe.
  • Masturbated.
  • Worked on a manuscript, a guidebook to an imaginary city.
  • Went to a fairly dull party (names have been left intentionally blank so as to avoid hurting feelings of certain people and their dull friends).
  • Went to the Empress Hotel in North Fitzroy and hung out with a bunch of Melbourne bloggers instead of actually watching a band: much more fun, and cooler people than the party.
  • Walked home up Brunswick Street, horrified at just how ugly some people are: not physically, but the whole bogan-in-trendy-shirt look that passes for sophisticated in the suburbs, offends my aesthetic well-being. Why can't they stay in the bloody suburbs instead of polluting the inner city with their presence? It's not like I go out to Chadstone or Doncaster and stand around dressed in black and discussing the latest obscure Glaswegian band I've discovered while sipping absinthe and feeling angst-ridden, now is it? Fair's fair!
  • Dropped in at the Rob Roy Hotel but by then it was 2.30am and it was almost closed.
  • Went to Control HQ and sat on a couch smiling at people, talking shit, and drinking until 5am.
  • Went home and crashed out.

On Sunday I:

  • Slept in until midday.
  • Got up and looked sadly at the empty bag of speed.
  • Read The Age - well, not exactly read, but skimmed headlines, paying most attention to the arts section.
  • Rang my mate Mike to see if he wanted to hang out, but he didn't answer: apparently he was on the phone having a trans-continental blue with his boyfriend.
  • Walked down to the Johnston Street Spanish Fiesta: very crowded, very noisy, good fun.
  • Strolled up Elgin Street and went to the Nova Cinema, where I watched the Australian film Look Both Ways, which was fucking great.
  • Walked back via the Fiesta and ate a fairly poor paella, then ducked into the Spanish Club for a piss, and to check out the new band room: there were no bands playing, but they were teaching people dancing instead. Seeing no cute boys to ask for a dance, I left.
  • Dropped into the Brunswick Street Bookstore and found two expensive hardcover collections of photographs I wanted to buy (one of Sydney police crime scene photos from 1920-1950, the other of New York in the 30's and 40's). I didn't buy either, but took notes of their publishers so I could try and scam review copies.
  • Came home, ordered Indian takeaway and grabbed a six-pack of Mercury dry cider, my preferred tipple.
  • Went down to the video library and hired six Stanley Kubrick films.
  • Came home, ate dinner, watched Killer's Kiss (a film noir), drank, and went to bed.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my exciting life.


ekstasis said...

sounds like a great weekend!
Nice to meet you on Sat!
(I'm not sure I introduced myself - but I was at that table of lovelies)
sounds like you live really close to me... how very cool

PeopleInGlassHouses said...

Twas' lovely to meet you (briefly)...

David Prater said...

Richie, that sounds better than my weekend. By the way, I'm also working on an "imaginary cities" theme here in Seoul - going into PC Bangs and writing about imaginary places named after words ending in "city", eg "vera" (see the blog). Maybe we should swap notes? I'd gladly swap a can of cold coffee for a bag of speed right now ...

richardwatts said...

Ekstasis: Nice to meet you too, and yes you did indeed introduce yourself. I had a great time on Saturday night - wish I'd got to our little blog-gathering earlier in the night though!

Peopleinglasshouses: Ditto!

Davey: My notes are all rather cryptic at the moment, but I'll be happy to show them to you when they're further developed. As for cold coffee, ewwww! Abominable!